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"From discos to museums,
Gufram goes back to its roots with the radical 70s style that made it an icon
not only of design but popular culture in general.
All thanks to collaborations with Atelier Biagetti, Dutch company ROTGANZEN and GGSV from France, who,
drawing on the concept of disco-nostalgia, have produced three ironic collections of objects that hark back to the age of the Dance Floor. Sofas, rugs and furniture in absolute Gufram style decorate a space that is designed to overcome today’s much-abused vintage iconography and make us reflect on the company’s historical relationship with this kind of product, as well as the fleeting value of glamour, forever teetering on that fine line that separates history from fashion and melancholy from the phantom of artistic resurrection"
Luca Toscano Otto - ZERO.EU

seats by Atelier Biagetti

Stanley 1 Stanley 2 Stanley 3


Stanley, padded with soft and sinuous lines, is characterized by the post-modern aesthetics of its design. Proposed in a series of elements that allow you to build a completely tailor-made settee, creating different configurations according to your needs, it has a deep seat and wide enveloping armrests: it is the perfect project designed to transform your living room into a real cinema.

Presented with a purple velvet lining, it can be customized with velvets available in a wide range of vibrant and deep colors. The particular tone-on-tone quilting of the upholstery creates a lively surface and gives rise to a sensual decorative motif that embellishes the product.

Stanley’s peculiarity is the laminated mirror upholstery that defines its side panels: an unexpected touch, a subtle reference to the aesthetics linked to the world of discos.

jimmy 1 jimmy 2 jimmy 3


Ideally modular ad infinitum, Jimmy is a lively unconventional and totally customizable seating system.

The two versions in which it was conceived – concave and convex – are an invitation to play with its shapes and their orientation, with which even a gigantic circular shape can be created: it is this attitude that makes it the ideal protagonist of spaces with diverse need, be they domestic – living rooms, studios – or contract – halls of museums, buildings, or hotels.

Its transgressive and provocative personality is accentuated by the golden faux leather upholstery with which it is presented, and that is a continuation of the subtle and elegant gold structure that defines its sinuous lines.

The polyurethane foam padding is made up of tubular modules that make the seat and backrest a single soft and sparkling volume

betsy 1 betsy 2 betsy 3


Betsy is a couch with soft and enveloping lines that boasts of its fluidity andis distinguished by its visual comfort, thanks to its deep cushions and wide curved armrests.

The vibrant ripples and abundant pleating done as if the fabric were free and not upholstered declare its inviting comfort, making it sort of a surreal project.

Designed in three-seater, two-seater and armchair versions, it is presented in a shimmering and very luminous velvet that highlights its voluptuous aesthetics.

Also available in cotton and in different colors, Betsy, thanks to the soft padding designed for maximum comfort, is a couch that declares its vocation for total relaxation.

tony 1 tony 2 tony 3


Tony is a radical system of modular seating composed of spherical elements of different dimensions that can be combined together giving rise to an infinite series of combinations, thanks to the assembly of the various parts which is possible through a system of special stops.

The sensual shapes of the different elements – which multiply on a different scale, reshaping themselves from large poufs to small cushions – are highlighted by the unique weave of the fabric that characterizes the covering, giving the surfaces an unexpected touch.

Available in a range of metallic and iridescent colors, quilted with a precious relief labyrinth-like design, Tony is an original seating system, designed for the most dynamic and transversal environments.

charly 1 charly 2 charly 3


Charly is a padded seat that stands out for its unexpected design that enhances the primary elements that compose it – seat, armrests, backrest, headrest – joined by a light and elegant tubular structure, which is either chrome-plated or satinized in precious metallic tones.

An unconventional seat with unstructured aesthetics, Charly is the king of modularity: as a matter of fact, it surprises because of the numerous combinations that it offers, in terms of configurations – the abacus of modules is rich in variations, but also of fabrics and colors that can be chosen and combined for the different elements.

Essential geometric shapes, as well as round and enveloping lines, define the design of a seat with an ironic and revolutionary mood.

cabinets and low tables by rotganzen


After Party is a series of storage units that reinterprets the world of clubbing in a unique and ironic way.

The emblematic disco ball in reflecting mirrors, a not-to-be-missed icon of the night world, acquires a new character, transforming itself into the characterizing element of the three cabinets and the two low tables of different dimensions that make up the collection.

The lacquered wooden structure, available in a palette of bright and reflective colors, is combined with the amorphous, almost liquefied forms of the sphere, whose surface consists of two-centimeter mirror tiles applied one by one by hand as in a Byzantine mosaic.

Elemental shapes light up in this way thanks to a radical touch: the result is a bright and original monolithic block with extremely contemporary reminiscences and practical but unexpected openings.

carpets by ggsv

dance floor series

Dance Floor is a project with disruptive and timeless energy that consists of rugs with surprising shapes – circular, long and thin, all round – which play in a unique way with the optical deception of three-dimensionality.

Curved and concentric lines determine the movement of the surfaces, which are characterized by a definition and a depth of color without equal.

Available in shades of orange, pink, purple and black, the Dance Floor rugs, thanks to their big dimensions, are able to radically transform spaces: the disco mood invades the home with an energy that floors perception.


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